Love Boat No Longer Allowed to Dump Sewage in Bay?

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Less fun than a cruise ship...
The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to announce new regulations today that might keep you from spending quality time with human waste.

New rules will keep vessels of 300 tons or more from discharging sewage within three miles of California's shore. Forcing cruise and cargo ships to flush offshore will divert 20 million gallons of sewage yearly from the state's coastal waters, the EPA estimates.

While large ships have been forbidden from discharging bilge water and the effluent from dishwashers and other appliances since 2003, a loophole has existed in state laws that would actually allow sewage discharges. A 2006 petition to the EPA to seal this loophole was brushed aside. The new regulations could take hold Jan. 1, 2011.

They don't show the sewage part on TV
Perhaps this will get several San Francisco beaches off the watch list due to harmful levels of bacteria infestation.

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