Bank Customer, Told He Can't Have Deposit Box, Shatters Door

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I've got your safety deposit box -- right here!
Back in the good ol' days, you could walk out of the bank with a toaster or the illustrated dictionary your humble narrator's mother received in 1968. But you never had the option of relieving your anger by shattering the door to the bank -- unless you're a San Francisco man being sought by the police.

It all started Wednesday, when a man in early middle age walked into the Bank of America at 3200 Mission, stated he was a customer of the bank, and said he wanted a safety deposit box.

The man was directed to a courtesy phone. But what ensued was far from courteous. "He was told there weren't any safety deposit boxes to rent," says Captain Louis Cassanego of Ingleside Station. "He became angry at that point."

The "customer" -- who never did leave a name -- let loose a torrent of high-decibel obscenities. As the coup de grâce he punched the glass door on his way out and destroyed it.

Incidentally, the potential punishment for the crime in question -- vandalism -- is not enhanced by the fact it took place inside a bank. Bellowing objectionable words and destroying private property is not considered more serious because you're in the vicinity of large amounts of other people's money.

You're also in the vicinity of a security camera. We'd rather see the footage from this incident than receive any toaster -- that's for sure.

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