Twitter Scores All-Time High During World Cup Final

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What's Spanish for 'Tweet'?
There are no stats on how many of the tweets simply said, "Goooooaaaaalllll"!

But, during the last 15 minutes of Sunday's World Cup final, Twitterers set a new record -- a sustained 2,000 tweets per second, the San Francisco-based company has announced.

Interestingly, Andrés Ianesta's goal for Spain in the 116th minute did not break the record for most tweets in a single second, which was set after the Japan bested Denmark in the group round. Japan is apparently really into tweeting, even though they call it "mumbling." Just after the referee's final whistle, 3,283 tweets per second flooded over the ether. Perhaps a few even emanated from Denmark.

Joe Eskenazi
These men may yet be Tweeting behind their backs...
Ianesta's goal beat the Dutch, but it couldn't beat the Japanese Twitterati. The Spanish midfielder will have to be content with a World Cup championship -- and inspiring a strong series of 3,015 tweets per second.

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