Aden and Jordan Jaric, Gay Porn Royalty, Brawl after Drag Contest

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Multnomah County Sheriff
Eric James Mulvaney, aka Aden Jaric, allegedly punched himself in the face during a drag show brawl
Update 6/23: Jordan relives the night.  

Update 6:04 p.m.: Juan Garcia, a SF-based events producer who put on Miss Thing with Heklina says that, contrary to rumors in the blogosphere and in a previous version of this post, the clothes and the fated paperweight were not gifts for Aden and Jordan for judging the show. The couple had followed a fan to a clothes store and picked the items out after the show. 

Heklina says she had asked them earlier that night if they were still together. "They said no, but they were good friends." 

Garcia also says the porn ex-couple were in Portland to do a promotion for Bling Dental, where the two get their teeth done.

Original story:
A gay porn star who was a celebrity judge at a Portland drag show co-produced by San Francisco Trannyshack icon, Heklina, was arrested for smashing his gay porn star ex-partner over the head with a glass paperweight.

The couple in question were towheaded Aden and Jordan Jaric - (that link is very NSFW) -- who were given a bunch of clothes and the aforementioned paperweight for judging "Miss Thing" event at the Fez Ballroom last week. They got in a fight after the event, chronicled on the blog Le Fag:

After a dozen drinks, give or take, Jordan Aden -- whose real name is Eric and who's historically been the wilder and more unstable of the two -- allegedly hit his ex-lover over the head with a glass object, leaving him with an enormous, swollen wound. Jordan immediately called the police, after which Aden began punching himself in the face and saying, "I'll just tell them you hit me." The cops arrived, arrested Aden, and believed Jordan's side of the story since he had no marks on his knuckles indicating that he'd assaulted anyone. Aden is currently still sitting in a cell in Portland while Jordan has already made his way home to Sacramento. Gay circles in the sleepy burg of Portland remain abuzz with the drama.
Drag Brawl.jpg
It's a drag free-for-all!

Heklina, for her part, called Miss Thing a "huge smash" in her newsletter this week and offered her dianosis of the drama: "Oh, to be young(ish), good-looking (sort of), and - well - maybe not very bright.........."

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