Suspected Looter Leaves Cell Phone in Wrecked Oakland Coffee Shop

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Um... Can I have that back, please?
Not since Gizmodo's famed lost iPhone prototype has a drinks patron had greater reason to regret misplacing a telephone. Well, perhaps "patron" is the wrong word. According to the Oakland Tribune, the owner of a ransacked Jitters & Shakes coffee shop was cleaning up after looters when he found a cracked cell phone.

However, store owner Mike Issa isn't doing the usual thing and attempting to give the device back to its rightful owner. That's a job for cops.

"I say, 'I have this phone here that you left when you smashed my store,'" the Tribune quoted Issa as saying. "That's a gift you've given me. Thank you for doing that. I can't wait to give this to the police."

Issa wasn't the only one cleaning up glass and other detritus from last night's looting, which followed an involuntary manslaughter verdict for Johannes Mehserle, the BART cop who killed Oscar Grant. A trail of graffiti and shattered windows stretched along Broadway between 14th and 22nd Streets, and as far north as Oakland Acura, on 27th and Harrison Streets.

No word yet on whether careless looters left billfolds with drivers licenses in that store.

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