Spain 1, Netherlands 0: World Cup Final at Civic Center (Pics)

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Joe Eskenazi
You can put away the vuvuzelas now ... and forever
In the world of international soccer -- prior to yesterday -- there were two great hard-luck losers: Spain and Holland. But if Holland were the Red Sox of futility -- they lost the World Cup finals twice before, in '74 and '78 -- then Spain were the Cubs. They never even got in a position to blow it all.

When tiny Andres Iniesta's shot hit the back of the Dutch net in the 116th minute of yesterday's Cup final, everything changed. If were wearing red, it was a day you'll always remember. If you were wearing orange, it was a day you wish you could forget. There were thousands of both at San Francisco's Civic Center. Here's what it looked like:

Joe Eskenazi
A very Kuyt kid...
Joe Eskenazi
'If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much...'
Joe Eskenazi
On goes the warpaint -- and another Dutch fan resembles an Oompa-Loompa. Incidentally, the man with the paintbrush was splitting his loyalties: He wore a Barcelona jersey in Dutch orange.
Joe Eskenazi
And the Spanish fans apply the paint as well. All the girls, by the way, love No. 7 David Villa. Lots of the guys, too...
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