SFPD: DNA Links Dead Man to Murder of San Franciscan Charles McAleer-Bonilla

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Charles McAleer-Bonilla
The San Francisco Police Department is announcing that DNA evidence ties a suspected bank robber and kidnapper who recently died in a shootout with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department to the April stabbing death of San Franciscan Charles McAleer-Bonilla in Noe Valley.

McAleer-Bonilla -- a 30-year old employee of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission remembered for his sunny disposition --  was killed in a messy attack on April 8 in front of his apartment near 28th and Sanchez. McAleer-Bonilla was found dead in his apartment, and a trail of blood led from the scene to the 300 block of 28th Street.

That trail has, circuitously, led to Anthony Alvarez. The suspected bank robber and attempted murderer of a Concord police officer barricaded himself in an apartment in Sacramento and took his young cousin hostage earlier this month. Following a three-day standoff, he was killed in a June 10 gunfight.

It is unclear at this time if McAleer-Bonilla and Alvarez knew one another; the suspect's whereabouts at the time of the murder have not yet been established.

The SFPD will undertake "additional investigative steps" before declaring the case closed.

Photo   |   Family of Charles McAleer-Bonilla, via Noe Valley Voice

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