San Francisco Cops Shut Down Kids' Lemonade Stand (PIC)

SFPD lemonade stand Robert Brust.jpg
Robert Brust
Move along, nothing to sell here...
The law is the law -- come what may.

So when the police sergeant in this photo gave the heave-ho to dozens of bell-ringing Mexican ice cream vendors during yesterday's San Francisco Symphony event at Dolores Park -- bell-ringing and classical music do not a mixture make -- he felt compelled to turn his attention upon the cherubic kiddies hawking lemonade and brownies.

"They had been selling briskly," said Robert Brust, who caught the moment on film and sent the shot to the folks at Mission Mission. "The brownie pan was two-thirds empty."

Sure, everyone understands the reasoning behind what happened -- but just look at that little girl's face. This was a traumatic San Francisco retail experience.

SFPD lemonade stand Robert Brust.jpg
Robert Brust
San Francisco Police spokesman Sergeant Troy Dangerfield has a heart, but he also has the city municipal code committed to memory. He cites chapter and verse, explaining how foodsellers must obtain city permits due to health concerns.

This is a particular issue with unlicensed Mission District sellers, including the ice cream vendors booted from Dolores Park yesterday as well.

"How can you tell the ice cream carts to leave and then let some people sell other things?" asks Dangerfield. "Just because they're kids they shouldn't get a free pass, you know?"

Oh yes, we know. But look at that girl's face!

Photo used with permission from Robert Brust, steering committee member of Dolores Park Works.

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