Ride The Ducks Boat Tours Quacking Again In San Francisco

Like a duck back to water...
Just when we were getting used to the pleasant absence of tourists quacking "Tequila" down Fourth Street, San Francisco Ride the Ducks resumed its operations. The company had grounded its tours last week following the drowning death of two Hungarian tourists in the Delaware River when a barge struck and sunk their amphibious vehicle.

Ride the Ducks resumed tours Saturday here, Atlanta, and in Branson, Missouri.

Tourists, apparently, are not spooked by the accident and continue to line up for their chance to toot a duck bill-shaped whistle and plunge into the bay. Company VP of Marketing Bob Salmon said the San Francisco ticket sales were "normal, maybe a little bit below normal" over the weekend, but that  likely owed to the fact the company stopped taking advance reservations on Thursday and Friday in addition to not running tours. The woman who answered the phone at the company's ticket booth said, 'It's just been like a regular Monday." 

The company said it had voluntarily suspended tours to review it maintenance procedures and out of respect to the families of the victims. Salmon says the company hasn't made any changes to its procedures. The company still hasn't re-started its operations in Philadelphia and Newport, Kentucky.

Before the crash last week, the doomed duck's tour operator had radioed the tugboat pushing the incoming barge and blown its air horn but received no response. Federal authorities said today said the tugboat's mate has pleaded the fifth in the ongoing investigation of the crash.

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