Porn Scandal: Planner Says Photo of Rio Revelers Got Him Fired

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The ongoing porn scandal within the city's planning department has just gotten a bit more hardcore. Dozens of planners are now facing termination for offenses such as using work computers for fantasy sports or sending around National Geographic-worthy images, sources say.

Planner Jim Miller, who has nearly 33 years in the department, confirmed to SF Weekly that he is the fifth planner to so far be fired. His crime? He says a colleague asked for a professional photograph of revelers at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, and Miller sent it to him. "That's it," said Miller.

Miller says he's been in contact with his union rep and has a hearing scheduled for tomorrow, but doesn't think he'll emerge with his job. "It appears that it's stacked in their favor."

Prom Date -- censored.JPG
This image, forwarded around the Planning Department in December, triggered the current scandal. Planner Jim Miller, slated to be fired, says he sent out images that were far more sedate.
The veteran planner said he no longer had electronic copies the offending photos, as he sent the e-mail years ago. But he described them as "a commercially produced picture of people partying in Rio" featuring revelers in body paint. 

Should the hearing not go Miller's way, he may soon have company out in the cold. Multiple sources within the department told SF Weekly that anywhere from 19 to 24 other planners are facing termination over the content of their hard drives. Planners also complained that punishments are not being meted out evenly.

Multiple sources within the department tell SF Weekly that the scope of the investigation has gone beyond scouring employees' hard drives for naughty pictures and is now probing online gambling.

"It's mind-boggling," said one planner. "That's like an entire division of the department. What are the plans for the functioning of this thing? What the hell?"

Our calls to planning director John Rahaim have not been returned.

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