Republicans Following Porn on Twitter (NSFW)

By following @_PrettyAlison, the California GOP studied the body politic...
If you're going to get hit with a sex scandal, you should at least make sure to enjoy the sex. Yet the California Republican Party has been monitoring the online offerings of dozens of porn purveyors in a situation that gains the GOP neither pleasure nor profit.

Amid the roughly 4,300 Twitter users @CAGOP is following, you'll find more than a few accounts held by folks whose idea of a party likely has little to do with politics.

If names like @vsex and @HotNSexyAnne didn't give away lascivious intentions, perhaps profile photos of pendulous breasts crammed into microscopic tank tops and close-ups of Daisy Dukes-clad posteriors ought to have gotten the message across. Yet the state GOP opted to follow these users' Twitter accounts, which are one-click portals to porn sites, X-rated webcams, and live chats.

Republican Twitter Porn woman05.JPG
The state GOP wants you to vote for Meg Whitman. Woman05 wants something else.

Pearls of wisdom to be gleaned from these Twitter users on the GOP's watch list are rich and varied. Says @HotNSexyAnne, "c-u-m to me or I go to you." Notes @VanessaMcKoy, "It's so long since I've had sex, I've forgotten who ties up whom." The apparently bilingual @lillake19 opines, "Ich habe mir gerade ueberlegt ob man im englischen eigentlich auch blowjob zum blasen sagt." And @PicsNice ("Fotos de Jessica Cirio en Bikini Gratis") had only two followers in all the Twitterverse: the California Republican Party and a guy in Peru named Dennis Corpio.

Vsex GOP Twitter.JPG
@CAGOP: Sound like a plan?

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