Nude Woman With Hideous Scars Headed for Bay Area (PICS)

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Now, this is all for the best of causes...
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has worked out an unspoken deal with society. They parade around comely young women wearing next to nothing. And we pay attention to the spectacle and take in PETA's accompanying message.

Yes, that was PETA lending the opening day of the Barry Bonds trial an air of dignity by having women dressed with only lettuce covering their tomatoes handing out vegan sandwiches. Hotties showering together at Union Square? Thanks, PETA. And if you've ever wanted to gawk at a topless woman bearing scars on her back resembling a post-coital Mrs. Edward Scissorhands' -- then you best go to Oakland today. You can also click on the link and see some photos.

Leave it to PETA to serve up the fresh meat
That's Candace VandeZande -- who has a little bit of the Lady Gaga thing going -- disrobing to draw attention to the plight of Ringling Brothers circus elephants. She'll be at the southwest corner of Broadway and 12th in Downtown Oakland at noon today. These photos were taken in Stockton yesterday.

The point here is to lure you over to these photos on PETA's page of purported systematic cruel and inhumane treatment of baby elephants.

Uh, hello kid. Hope you're getting the deeper message here.

Hopefully the weather cooperates with Ms. VandeZande  -- or she'll be shackled, lonely, beaten and cold.

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