New York Passes Nanny Rights Bill; California's Pending

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Now she can afford two spoonfuls of sugar...
New York beat out California, passing the nation's first law that extends workers' rights to the under-the-radar laborers who keep homes with two working parents going: The people who cook, clean, and care for kids.

The New York bill, which passed yesterday, mandates standardized work weeks, one day off a week, three paid days off each year, and overtime pay.

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced and co-sponsored a resolution for what he calls a "domestic worker bill of rights" in April, a non-binding assertion that domestic workers' rights are worth protecting. It passed committee in June, and Ammiano says "I don't think it will be a problem" to pass in the Assembly. He is hoping it will be a warm-up act to later introduce a bill with some teeth.

New York "is ahead of us and I really hope we can catch up to them," he told SF Weekly. "I like what I'm hearing [about the New York bill] and it's all on the table."

Ammiano says it was encouraging for a potential domestic worker bill that the Assembly passed the historic law to extend overtime to farmworkers Thursday. You could argue that Americans are increasingly more dependent on their nannies as they are on their strawberries. Let's not forget the biggest laugh of Sex and the City 2 came when Charlotte reveals her biggest worry about the thought of her husband sleeping with the family's hot Irish caretaker was: "We can't lose the nanny!"

Yes, the Snitch just quoted Sex and the City 2.

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