New Measures Leave Berkeley Poised To Be Detroit of Pot

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Meanwhile, down at the pot factory...
Two new measures encouraging pot-growing warehouses in Berkeley's industrial district and permitting a fourth retail outlet on the city's commercial strips lay the ground for the East Bay city to become to marijuana what Detroit used to be for cars.

By the way, don't forget that, come November, there's a legalization initiative on California's fall ballot.

According to the Oakland Tribune

The two ballot questions, if approved, will allow up to 11 large-scale growing facilities of various sizes, but none larger than 30,000 square feet in the city's manufacturing zone. And the measures will allow a fourth retail outlet in the city's commercial districts, among other provisions. 

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Remember -- buy local
The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously to approve ballot language, and will vote next week on whether to place the items before voters.

We're expecting sparks to fly during that debate. ... Or wait, we meant, they'll be sparking up after rubber-stamping that measure, which seeks to benefit all Berkeley residents by allowing pot sales operations to be located closer to schools. The current required separation of 1,000 feet from school to a pot store will be shortened to 600 feet.

During public comment at the Council meeting, about 20 people spoke, none with a negative take on the situation.

"It's obvious you respect the cannabis community," said Richard Muller.

To prove he's no toady to industry, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates said the city's three main concerns when crafting the measure were urging pot entrepreneurs to reduce their carbon footprint,  discouraging pot chain stores in favor of local merchants, and providing free pot for the poor.

Don't go changing, Berkeley.

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