Meg Whitman's Atherton Home To Play Host To 1,000 Nurses

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Heading to Atherton -- in droves
If Meg Whitman wanted someone to look at her aching back or curious rash -- well, she need not even leave the home. The California Nurses Association is planning to cart up to 1,000 or more of its members to the Republican gubernatorial nominee's Atherton domicile for a noontime rally.

Cameras will be there. But Whitman won't.

Meg! Some nurses are at the door!

The candidate will be in southern California on the campaign trail. Today's event, then, will likely provide fodder for both the nurses' union and Whitman. She has torn into  the Jerry Brown-backing union and its members, in turn, are now tearing into her.

Caught in the middle is the tiny Atherton Police Department. Lieutenant Joe Wade told the San Jose Mercury News that he just doesn't have the manpower to oversee 1,000 boisterous protesters, and he's hoping for 25 to 40 officers from other San Mateo County agencies to back him up.

That makes sense: A photo on the department's website reveals its ranks apparently consist of 30-odd men and women -- and a dog. That personnel, incidentally, dealt with 240 reported crimes in Atherton in 2008-09 -- including 134 larcenies, 49 burglaries, 44 assaults, and a rape.

Not one 1,000-nurse rally.

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