Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and British PM David Cameron's Awkward Video Chat

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Today, the British Empire could just colonize via video
Just when we thought Facebook was slowing down, becoming evil, or turning into a cult, the company offered its support to Great Britain as that nation struggles to solve its budget crisis. (How bad do things have to get before a world leader bellows "Get me Zuckerberg!"?).

Yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron's people posted a video chat conference between "Lord Snooty" and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in which the pair briefly discuss their joint project called the "Spending Challenge." The conference was apparently very productive, as it lasted only two minutes, 52 seconds. Not even enough time for a cup of tea!

The challenge will be featured on Facebook's "Democracy UK" page, allowing British Facebook users -- of which there are approximately 26 million -- to post ideas about how to remedy the country's 155 billion pound deficit (that's $233.5 billion -- 12 times worse than California's shortfall!).

As you can see, Zuckerberg showed up in a T-shirt -- no hoodie -- chillin' in a room with bare walls and poor lighting (Mark, you're a billionaire. Buy a poster! How about a torchere?) In comparison, Lord Snooty came off looking bright and spiffy.

Several times Zuckerberg refers to the PM and his people as "you guys," and the PM extends Zuckerberg an invitation to drop by 10 Downing Street if he ever decides to visit Great Britain. We'd heard Zuckerberg wanted to buy an island...

Whether or not the project and video chitchat are PR stunts, the video is amusing to watch -- if only to observe the awkwardness between the two apparent bros. But, then, awkwardness is what the British do best

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