Lefty O'Doul's Arm To Be Reattached Today

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The real Lefty, with his lefty intact...
The combination of sports, drunkenness, a piano bar, and a mannequin was apparently too much for several bar patrons at Lefty O'Doul's three years back. They wrenched off Lefty's lefty, and scampered off into the San Francisco night.

The Chronicle's Scott Ostler today wrote a rollicking tale about how Lefty's left arm has been mailed back to the bar -- along with a series of photos of the arm on a tour of the Midwest. (That's what Amelie did with her neighbor's garden gnome -- but a lot less creepy and alcohol-fueled). Not included in Ostler's yarn was this late-breaking tidbit: Lefty's left arm will be officially re-attached today at a 3 p.m. ceremony at the Union Square bar.

Something tells us there'll be a Bloody Mary or two served to mark the occasion.

Lefty in Japan. You can't tell, but that suit is green. Honest.
It's a fitting occasion to honor a local legend of a ballplayer and manager who batted .398 for the Phillies in '29 (a year best remembered for less auspicious numbers); gave Joe DiMaggio his first break on the San Francisco Seals; helped popularize baseball in Japan (where he is a member of the sport's Hall of Fame); unashamedly wore a green suit; and hoisted many a drink with that left arm.

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