Jordan Jaric, Gay Porn Star, Recalls Bloody Brawl With Ex-Partner Aden

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Multnomah County Sheriff
Eric James Mulvaney, aka Aden Jaric, allegedly punched himself in the face during a domestic dispute

Update 7/26, 3:30 p.m.: Multonomah County deputy district attorney Lauren Kemp says she decided not to file a case against Jordan because Aden didn't want to press charges. "The complainant at the time decided not to press charges," Kemp says. "Our office called him again and he said he didn't want to press charges. I just called him a third time and he said he didn't want to press charges. We would need him to come in and testify and he said he wasn't willing to do that."

Gay porn star Jordan Jaric says that last week's brawl with his porn movie co-star and former partner, Aden Jaric, was a first. "We've had a scuffle before but it was mostly scuffling and wrestling around. This is the first time he's been violent," Jordan told SF Weekly today.

While Jordan says he didn't want to press charges, he notes the fact Aden's misdemeanor charges were thrown out indicate that gay domestic violence isn't taken seriously.


Aden and Jordan Jaric were gay porn's high-flying monogamous couple, real-life partners and co-stars with a contract that stated they'd only have sex with each other on film. When they broke up three months back, it was apparently for the same boring reasons just about every other monogamous couple break up: "I feel like we just took each other for granted," Jordan says. "We got too comfortable."

Still, they remained friends, Jordan says. Aden moved out of the Sacramento house where they'd lived together for six years and moved back in with his parents. They both claimed one of their five Pomeranians, and gave the other three to senior citizens who live nearby. They kept seeing each other almost daily, and kept booking appearances together.

Aden Jaric, right, and Jordan in happier times. Photo:
Like the Miss Thing drag show at Fez Ballroom last Wednesday in Portland, co-produced by renowned San Francisco drag queen Heklina. Jordan says that the night of the show, "We were arguing on and off but it was about stupid shit, our personal shit. Both of us have some pretty deep issues with this breakup. It was bickering, but we always bicker."

Afterwards, they had gone to a Portland clothes store Urban Edge where Jordan says both had picked out clothes and their own glass "art piece," a sphere a bit bigger than a baseball. But Jordan says he decided to keep his in his pocket during the ensuing fight as they were walking back to the apartment of Dr. Raymond Frye, their dentist at Bling Dental who was putting them up.

Jordan didn't want to go into details about what the fight was about, but Aden tweeted his version last week: "Ps.Jordan started the fight trying to stop me from telling his new man that he fucked and got fucked the whole trip by me. He got aggressive." And then: "I'm not the bad guy here..." (When we e-mailed Aden about sharing his side, he responded: "I have no comment.")

Jordan says Aden smashed the glass ball over his head: "It broke my skin and made me bleed. The bump looked like a cartoon character. I was freaking out. I didn't hit him once. ... I didn't want to go to jail and I didn't want to fight someone I ever loved. I begged him to stop."

Jordan says he knocked the glass piece out of Aden's hand after the blow, but Aden continued to punch him while Jordan bear-hugged him. "I just kept saying get away from me, you're going to jail for this, my head is bleeding, and he's like don't call the cops, and I'm like I'm calling the cops. He's like you hit me first and I said don't you dare lie. I said the truth will come out. I didn't hit you once, certainly not first." 

Jordan says once they got into Frye's apartment, he called the cops. Police questioned the couple in the doctor's apartment, and noticed Aden had a bruised face. Jordan says cops checked Jordan's knuckles, and determined he hadn't hit anyone. The Multnomah County Sheriff booked Aden on an assault and harassment misdemeanors, but the DA didn't file a complaint. Jordan says he's disappointed: "I just feel like because we're gay that they treated it differently. If that had happened to a woman there would have been no question. I feel an assault is an assault." (The DA on the case hasn't returned messages.)

Still, Jordan told the cops he didn't want to press charges himself. "I told them this is not in his nature, and it would really suck if he had a record because of this."

Jordan says since the breakup, he's nabbed a gig in computer repair, bartending at Faces in Sacramento, and is still looking to get dancing gigs around the country. As for the porn: "I wouldn't continue in the industry without my partner. If I did, I would only do solo." As for porn: "How am I going to find another good guy if I continue doing that? ... I'm a relationship kind of guy. I was with Aden for six years. Now I have to move forward and not look back."

The former couple wasn't legally married but had exchanged vows on a cruise ship. They haven't spoken since the fight. "This is a difficult thing to deal with," Jordan says. "I didn't just lose my husband, I lost my best friend." And co-star.

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