Johannes Mehserle Jury Reaches Verdict, Announcement Pending

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How will Mehserle's day go?
Jury ready after minimal deliberations. Does this portend an acquittal?

The jury of ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle, accused of murdering unarmed passenger Oscar Grant, has reportedly reached a verdict. It will apparently make its announcement at roughly 4 p.m.

Jurors had four options in the case: To convict Mehserle of second-degree murder; voluntary manslaughter; or involuntary manslaughter -- or acquit him.

One prominent Bay Area attorney said the short deliberation time may point toward a favorable result for the former police officer.

"It would seem to me, that it [will likely be] an acquittal," said the lawyer. "Why do I think that? If they were going to convict, they would have thought about it some more. Of course, they may have all been on the same wavelength as far as a conviction. But the conventional wisdom is, they'll acquit."

Conjecture will be over soon enough -- and police on both sides of the bay are standing by.

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