Jeff Adachi Claims Retribution, Hints He'll Sue City if Supes Withdraw His Funding

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Jeff Adachi -- up against the wall?
Melissa Griffin has gotten a hold of a letter from Jeff Adachi to the Board of Supervisors in which the public defender insinuates he's ready to try something different and file a lawsuit -- against the city.

Here's the back story: Adachi has become the Darth Vader of organized labor by crafting the "Smart Reform" charter amendment, which would up city workers' pension contribution to 9 or 10 percent of their salaries and cut the city's health care payout. Now labor-friendly Supervisor Chris Daly is purportedly ready to retroactively yank $1.2 million from the public defender's budget -- a move even fellow labor pal Supervisor John Avalos described as "retribution."

If Daly gets his way tomorrow, Adachi is now promising he's in for a World of Pain.

"I have taken the action of attempting to place a Charter Amendment on the ballot as a private citizen, not as Public Defender or an elected official," writes Adachi. "As a private citizen I have the right under the U.S. constitution to engage in political speech ... If the Board of Supervisors acts to reduce the funding level of the Public Defender's office because of actions I have chosen to take as a private citizen, the Board of Supervisors' resulting actions will violate federal and state law."

(It also warrants mentioning that Daly, who voted against the massive Hall of Justice retrofit bond because it wouldn't affect prisoners' cells, is now pushing to strip funds from the lawyers appointed to represent those very prisoners).

Consider it open season on Adachi and his measure. This comes on the heels of Mayor Gavin Newsom and public safety employees agreeing on conditions for police and fire wage concessions that would be rendered null and void should Adachi's measure pass.

Meanwhile, the Chronicle is reporting that city unions are beseeching Rep. Nancy Pelosi to withhold federal funding to Sequoia Capital -- the firm of venture capitalist Michael Moritz, who has thus far showered $245,000 on Adachi's pension reform measure.

You can read Adachi's letter here.

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