Is Janet Reilly Quitting District 2 Supervisor Race?

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So long, Janet?
After a judge yesterday ruled Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier is not termed out and can run again for District 2 supervisor, calls flooded in to challenger Janet Reilly's office. Her campaign manager, Patrick Collum, said Reilly felt the need to "get the word out" about her plans. So a statement was e-mailed to the general public.

But that statement didn't answer any questions -- in fact, the ominous wording "As matters are sorted out over the coming weeks, I will be announcing my plans for November" raised a very big question. Namely, is Janet Reilly quitting the race? Asked, point blank, if this was the case, Collum said it's a possibility.

"That is a decision we'll have to make," he said. "We're seeing how things play out. Right now, what you see is what you get. We're evaluating all our options."

Well -- that settles it!

It's a somewhat surprisingly weak-kneed response for a candidate who has racked up fund-raising dollars, endorsements, and is married to wealthy and influential power-broker Clint Reilly (though, it warrants mentioning, that those endorsements and donations were made when Alioto-Pier was, according to the city, not a candidate).

One thing Reilly's statement isn't is a full-speed ahead, never mind the torpedoes, we're in it to win it message. It says ... well, what does it say?

"It is an ambiguous comment," acknowledges Collum. "But this is an ambiguous situation. The whole thing is very ambiguous."

You said it, pal.

Janet Reilly's complete (ambiguous) statement:

San Francisco - "Today's ruling by Judge Peter Busch has allowed incumbent Michela Alioto-Pier to appear on the November ballot. I am currently evaluating Judge Busch's ruling. This issue has clouded the election for District 2 Supervisor for more than two years. As matters are sorted out over the coming weeks, I will be announcing my plans for November," said Janet Reilly.

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