JaMarcus Russell Continues Winning Ways With Cough Syrup Arrest

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Busted for sizzurp?
Former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, whose awesomely poor play often made fans sick, was not trying to make amends when he was busted for amassing medicine without a prescription.

The former No. 1 draft pick was nailed in a narcotics sting at his Alabama home for possessing codeine cough syrup and was freed on a $2,500 bond. While it's eminently possible that Russell has the sniffles, it also warrants mentioning that codeine syrup is a key ingredient in a potent cocktail called "sizzurp" or "drank" made of the aforementioned medicine, bits of Jolly Rancher candies, vodka, a little bit of brown sugar ... actually that last one is a joke, but we've found recipes including all of the first three. In any event, this appears to be the drink of choice for Russell, who took home $39.4 million in his abortive NFL career

JaMarcus Russell No. 1 draft pick.jpg
Happier days, in 2007
Russell was outright released by the Raiders in May after accomplishing a feat many thought would never come to pass: Potentially unseating Ryan Leaf as the biggest National Football League bust of all-time. Considering Russel's heavier salary and inability to stay in playing shape, motivated -- or even awake in team meetings, reportedly -- it's a legitimate argument he's the worst draft-day blunder yet.

The only saving grace for Russell was his youth -- he's just 25 -- which gives him time to harness his awesome talent and turn his career around. After this arrest, however, it's unlikely any NFL team will return the troubled QB's calls in the near future.

Well -- there's always a clipboard-toting job with the Sacramento Mountain Lions.

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