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JaMarcus mugshot.jpg
Cops intercept JaMarcus Russell...
You know the drill, friends. Send me all the correct answers here, win a prize. Here you go:

1. Which of these was the statement Bay to Breakers spokesman Sam Singer gave SF Weekly regarding the race's latest announcement that it would no longer tolerate any booze on the premises?

A. "Keep your beer down, assholes."
B. "There is nothing that says you have to be shitfaced drunk to have a good time."
C. "How about I come over and vomit in your neighborhood?"
D. "Dumb, drunk fucks ruin it for everyone."

Oakland 12th st. Oakland Riots.jpg
What court ruling induced this Oakland gathering?
2. What was the verdict in the Johannes Mehserle trial?

A. Not guilty
B. Guilty of second-degree murder
C. Guilty of voluntary manslaughter
D. Guilty of involuntary manslaughter

3. What was Frank Solorza wearing when he was busted for impersonating a federal agent?

A. Nothing
B. An Elvis outfit
C. A clown suit
D. A nun's habit

4. Why did San Francisco Giants Edgar Renteria and Pablo Sandoval leave the team's hotel in Milwaukee this week?

A. Rat problems
B. Room service problems
C. Ghost problems
D. They stayed with Sandoval's cousin

5. Oh, JaMarcus. What was former Raiders epic bust quarterback JaMarcus Russell busted in Alabama for allegedly possessing?

A. Dozens of fighting pit bulls
B. Cocaine
C. Cough syrup
D. Truckloads of stolen cigarettes.

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