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Man-oh-Manischewitz, it was an interesting week. How interesting? This interesting:

1. Alleged gangster Charles "Cheese" Heard was found guilty of murdering and robbing a man of what unique pendant?

A. A gold-coated scarab beetle
B. An actual-sized Mercedes hubcap
C. A bejeweled recreation of Bamm-Bamm from the Flintstones
D. A Louis Vuitton bag on a chain

2. How much does it cost to drive across the Bay Bridge at 10:05 a.m.?

A. $4
B. $5
C. $6
D. It's free

3. Golden Gate Park patrons were yesterday morning menaced by:

A. Vicious coyotes
B. Vicious drug addicts
C. Vicious stray dogs
D. Vicious magazine salesmen

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No, really, tell us what's on your mind...
4. What were Mission hipsters complaining about this week?

A. Rampant crime
B. Poverty
C. Gentrification
D. The pending opening of a 7-Eleven

5. What kept San Francisco soccer fans from watching the U.S.-Ghana World Cup match on the big screen at Civic Center?

A. A water main rupture
B. Massive Gay Pride event
C. A boycott of soccer by the city of San Francisco
D. General disinterest

Mail me your perfect score here; first one wins a prize!

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