Did Steve Jobs Know iPhone 4 Antenna Was a Lemon?

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This photo of Steve Jobs was taken a tad before he purportedly knew the iPhone 4 antenna is janky
What did Steve Jobs know and when did he know it? Bloomberg is reporting that Apple's chief antenna engineer told Jobs that the antenna design could lead to dropped calls very early in the phone's design process. Another lesson learned: Questions about antennas should be deferred to chief antenna engineers.

The phone does indeed drop calls, which has led to lawsuits, hordes of disgruntled banter on the Web, and, perhaps most damningly, Consumer Reports telling consumers to not consume the iPhone 4.

Consumer Reports' article -- which claimed that no other AT&T phone has the signal problems of an iPhone 4 -- caused Apple's stock to plummet. Bloomberg's reporting that the company long knew of this problem likely won't help.

Perhaps that's what Microsoft COO Kevin Turner was hoping when he ebulliently announced "It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that.

Your humble narrator, typing on a computer running Windows Vista, is not okay with that.

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