Hunters Point, Taxes Get Supes' Approval

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors didn't need to wait until the wee hours of the morning this time to give the greenlight the massive Hunters Point Naval Shipyard redevelopment, as was the case earlier this month. Yesterday, the supes approved the Environmental Impact Report for the project at a relatively sane hour, setting up an overall up-or-down vote on the multi-billion dollar Lennar undertaking on Aug. 3.

Also, battle lines for November's election were clearly drawn between labor and downtown, as several tax measures were forwarded on to the ballot.

  Voters will decide whether they wish to augment the real estate transfer tax on property valued at more than $5 million. Also under scrutiny are dueling hotel tax measures: One is backed by labor and would up the tax; one is backed by Mayor Gavin Newsom and would not. Newsom's, incidentally, contains "poison pill" language that would override the other measure if his can garner more votes.

You'll also vote on whether you'd like to ding yourself 10 bucks for a vehicle registration fee.

But the biggest issue for both right- and left-leaning politicos in the coming election may be Jeff Adachi's Smart Reform pension measure. The public defender has already enraged labor and labor-affiliated politicians by pushing a plan that city employees pay more of their pension and health care costs. And here's another reason he's made no friends on the left: Advocating a plan claiming voters can save the city some $167 million without taxing themselves -- while progressives push tax measures -- doesn't do progs any favors.

What's more, Smart Reform will suck up the money and effort of its opponents, likely leaving other measures the unions don't like with a clear path toward victory.

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