At $5 a Pop, Injured Hens All Adopted Out

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Ain't nobody here but us chickens...
The early bird gets the worm -- and the early adopter gets the chicken.

All 80 of the clucking, egg-laying, injured hens that arrived Wednesday at the Marin Humane Society have been adopted. After knocking down the price-per-hen to five bucks -- chickenfeed, yes -- the hens moved in 29 hours

These birds were part of a larger flock treated at an animal sanctuary near Vacaville for injuries incurred from tight plastic bands being attached to their legs.

More birds may be up for adoption in Marin soon. Our message for the Marin Humane Society hasn't yet been returned. But you can always squawk at them at (415) 506-6225.

Photos   |   Marin Humane Society

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