Giants' Pablo Sandoval, Edgar Renteria Spooked; Check Out of 'Haunted' Hotel

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Pablo! I have hitting tips for you!
Giants confirm star players leave team hotel due to fear of ghosts after having "some experience" there last year.

Juxtapose the words "baseball" and "ghosts" and most people will probably think of Kevin Costner building a diamond in his corn field and the spectral versions of Moonlight Graham and other ballplayers of yore playing supernatural doubleheaders.

Turns out baseball-related voices and hauntings aren't just the stuff of the movies. San Francisco Giants starters Pablo Sandoval and Edgar Renteria have reportedly checked out of the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee and checked in down the street after purportedly being spooked by ghosts. The pair join a bevy of Major Leaguers who claim they've seen or heard paranormal activities at the hotel -- one Los Angeles Dodger even slept with his bat after having the bejeezus scared out of him.

We are not making this up.

Apparently, the hotel's supernatural visitations are not limited to young ballplayers. Guests have, for years, reported that the spirit of founder Charles Pfister still roams the premises. Yet Pfister apparently remains in the hospitality business even from the great beyond -- his ghost allegedly greets customers and sees they are well taken care of.

Skeptics can quickly seize on three possibilities:

A. Young ballplayers juiced or drunk out of their gourds;

B. The bumps and thumps of any 117-year-old structure;

C. The harassment of visiting teams that used to be endemic in pro sports in the good old days before players got wise and used aliases like, say, Ron Mexico.

If forces from the nether regions are alligned against visitors to the Pfister -- the Milwaukee Brewers could use the help. Coming into today's game vs. San Francisco, the Brew Crew is just 37-46.

Our calls to the San Francisco Giants have not yet been returned.

Update -- 11:27 a.m.: Giants' publicity director Shana Daum confirmed that Sandoval and Renteria have left the Pfister and did so because they were uneasy about ghosts. Last year, both "had some sort of experience there," she says. As to what that experience entailed, she is not sure.  

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