Angry Giants Fans Line Up Hours Early -- And Don't Want Your Company

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Taylor Friedman
First pitch is 7:15 p.m. What are you doing here?!
Warning: Reading this post will induce you to drop everything and sprint to AT&T Park. At least, that's the prevalent fear among Giants fans huddling in front of the ballpark today at 2 p.m. -- a good five hours and change before first pitch.

Sure, it's the first game of the second half of the season tonight. A clean slate. The team is hot. But, you know, why show up so early? The answer: A high-decibel order to get the hell away -- before we revealed how they score autographs and free bobbleheads. Uh, whoops!

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Taylor Friedman
Juan Cervantes stays cool in the face of loud intimidation by Angry Ponytail Man
Today's crowd of folks with nowhere else to be in the middle of a working day -- led by an enraged, ponytailed gent -- was hoping to score autographs from the visiting New York Mets. One man I had a chance to speak with before Angry Ponytail Man bellowed at him to shut up said he happened to have the day off. Curiously, he declined to offer even a first name -- his rationale being he's a "private guy." More like a smart guy who doesn't want problems at work.

Juan Cervantes, however, is on summer vacation from high school, and could therefore offer full disclosure. Casting uncomfortable glances at Angry Ponytail Man -- who was in the midst of histrionics -- he curtly told me he comes to the stadium at noon for every game.

Maybe he'll have a lot more company now.

"[Now] we're gonna have 5,000 people here, man!" shouted Angry Ponytail Man -- severely overstating the power of the press, sadly. "What are you doing? Don't talk to her!" 

Because he was so polite, we now feel inclined to pass along the rumor that the time to get free bobbleheads is on Saturday. Enjoy!

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