Gavin Newsom -- Who Had Workplace Affair -- Says Porn at Work a Firing Offense

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Mayor Gavin Newsom affirms that viewing porn at work is a firing offense
In a true head-shaker, Mayor Gavin Newsom yesterday said planning director John Rahaim was right to fire five veteran planners in an ongoing porn scandal involving sexually explicit images being sent around the office or downloaded by at least 30 department workers.

To summarize: Sending images of people having sex to your co-workers gets you fired. But having sex with your co-workers gets you ... elected to statewide office?

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Sending around this image led to a handful of planners being fired -- and triggered the ongoing investigation
It must have been a "with friends like these" moment for the embattled Rahaim. While he's likely gratified that Newsom has no interest in the letter his employees are circulating urging his firing, it must be awkward to hear Newsom -- of all people -- commenting on the raunchiness of the porn ("I've seen a lot more than I wanted to see") as a justification for the firings.  

In 2007, Newsom admitted to an affair with his appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey-Tourk-- yes, a city employee; yes, his direct subordinate; and, yes, the wife of his campaign manager and good pal, Alex Tourk.

That affair did not get Rippey-Tourk fired, but instead resulted in her receiving $10,000 in city "catastrophic illness" money to essentially not show up to work. Newsom, meanwhile, was overwhelmingly re-elected mayor and is now Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.

Tough luck for the fired planners. Their boss -- Rahaim -- was stricter than Newsom's -- we the voters.

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