David Plouffe Tells Panicked S.F. Dems They've Never Had it So Good

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David Plouffe says to give Obama a break...
Democratic strategist David Plouffe was in San Francisco Wedensday to inspire panicked Democrats with an obvious-yet-overlooked message: Irrespective of his plummeting poll numbers, Barack Obama has been an extraordinarily successful president, and liberals ought to be thankful.

In just 18 months, Plouffe noted, the Obama administration has rescued America from a second Great Depression, passed a stimulus package, heath care reform, and moved toward ending the country's involvement in Iraq. He promised during the campaign he'd end Don't Ask Don't tell, and that's on its way to happening, too, Plouffe said.

Obama's inner circle knew all along that some of these measures would result in Republican pummeling, Plouffe told a gathering of party activists at Yoshi's Fillmore Street nightclub.

To fence-sitters, California Democrats' should say "Republicans who threw us into this ditch now won't lift a finger to help us out of it," according to Plouffe.

He did what he said he'd do. Why aren't you happy?

Plouffe didn't deny, however, that Democrats are in an awful fix. In California, Sen. Barabara Boxer faces a credible challenge from fired Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, while governor candidate Jerry Brown has been trailing in polls to former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. This is the situation -- despite reports that, for 28 years, she didn't vote.

The party's greatest hope, Plouffe said, lies in attempting to make this fall's elections merely bad, rather than catastrophic.

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