Can Scott Wiener Ride 'Fix Muni Now' Bus to Victory?

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Scott Wiener's new roommate is very electable. Will he be, too?
District 8 supervisor candidate Scott Wiener has announced that not only is he a big supporter of the "Fix Muni Now" measure -- he's its new roommate.

The moderate candidate and Supervisor Sean Elsbernd's campaign to force Muni drivers into collective bargaining and eliminate their costly work rules will be sharing the same digs, at 538 Castro Street (yes, the former Injeanious Lounge). But will Wiener and Fix Muni Now be sharing more than an address?

Both Elsbernd and Wiener say no -- there will be no commingling of funds. The roommates will not be donating money to each other's campaigns. Everyone will do his own goddamn dishes.

"He has his financial effort and I've got mine," says Elsbernd. "There's not going to be any mutual donations," says Wiener.

But there are other ways that Wiener can ride the popular "Fix Muni Now" bus to electoral success. It wouldn't be inconceivable for a glossy Fix Muni Now flier to prominently feature a photo of a grinning Scott Wiener -- prominent gay activist, city lawyer, and member of the Democratic County Central Committee. (This would hardly be unprecedented). 

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Bryan Dempler
Fix Muni Now HQ will be in the Castro
While candidates such as Wiener are burdened with a $500 contribution limit, you can donate as much as you damn well please to ballot measures (and, for that matter, DCCC races -- which are a nifty loophole and huge name recognition boost for future supervisor candidates).

If a donation to Fix Muni Now could help Scott Wiener -- well, you could give a lot more to Fix Muni Now to help him than directly to Wiener.

Elsbernd notes that he's happy to endorse anyone who endorses "Fix Muni Now" on the measure's candidate sheet.

But as far as getting a spot in Elsbernd and Wiener's sweet campaigning pad -- you're outta luck. Would-be D8 supe Rebecca Prozan supports "Fix Muni Now" and progressive candidate Rafael Mandelman does not. Regardless, they'll have to find their own headquarters. Elsbernd and Wiener are splitting their campaign space 50-50.

And you don't need to be as gifted as Elsbernd is at math to know there's no more room after that.

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