Bottled Water Ban Proposed in San Francisco

In the near future, enjoying a soda on city property while pouring bottled water out for your pet dog may become impossible.

On the heels of a ban on vending machines on city property selling soda and a proposed ban on selling all pets within city limits, the city is now considering banning bottled water at all events held on city property.

The proposed ban will be drink for thought at an environmental commission meeting today. In lieu of selling bottled water, events such as concerts or festivals could sell or give away reusable containers of water and then provide cisterns or water fountains with which to fill them (or just not sell water -- and, perhaps, sell sugary soda!).

Regardless of the good economic and environmental sense of not buying water when the H2O running through San Francisco's taps is among the world's best, the idea of lining up to buy a cup, then lining up to fill it will likely not be an easy sell.

San Francisco has already done away with bottled water at city meetings -- Mayor Gavin Newsom often points to this move as a feather in his green cap, even though it was primarily the brainchild of former Public Utilities Commission head Susan Leal, whom he later fired.

It remains to be seen whether this latest well-meaning, heavy handed ban moves forward -- or goes down the drain.

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