Baseball in Candlestick Park? Millions of Reasons to Say No.

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Not long ago, Supervisor Sean Elsbernd had an idea that was either wonderful or terrible or wonderful because it was so terrible. Since 2010 is the 50th anniversary of the first Giants game at Candlestick Park, why not have a game there to commemorate it?

At first blush, the notion of giving up a game at baseball Valhalla AT&T Park to set up shop at the wind-tunnel, frozen, difficult to access, park in a muddy lot 'Stick seems ludicrous. But Elsbernd has a winning argument:

"Wouldn't you want to see one more Dodgers game there?"

With a capacity of 62,000? With seats in the bleachers for four bucks? With Piccolo Pete's Sandwiches in our bags? You bet we would. So, Elsbernd made a phone call to see what it would take to make this happen. The answer: Lots.  

It turns out that the massive device that allowed the right-field stands to be rolled out to form a football stadium and then rolled back beneath the upper-deck overhang when the park is in baseball configuration hasn't been touched since the last Giants game at the 'Stick in 1999. In retrospect, why would it have been? How many of you transform  your futon into a bed when you already have a bed?

Candlestick Park.jpg

According to sources within the Recreation and Parks Department, just getting the right field stands into rolling shape would cost in the ballpark of half a million dollars alone. Elsbernd says that, if the Giants or the city ever wanted to host a baseball game at the 'Stick -- the city owns Candlestick, by the way -- it'd cost in the neighborhood of $2 million.

So, interesting idea -- but it's not happening anytime soon. The good people of Piccolo Pete's would be pleased if you dropped by and bought a sandwich regardless.

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