Arizona Immigration Law's Appeal Will Come Through San Francisco

The immigration debate is coming our way...
In the wake of Arizona's passage of the draconian and controversial SB 1070, San Francisco kick-started the boycott bandwagon and Mayor Gavin Newsom forbade city officials to travel to the Grand Canyon State.

Now that Arizona law will be traveling to San Francisco.

After Arizona District Court Judge Susan Bolton yesterday placed an injunction against the heart of SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer promised an appeal. And that will take place, yes, here in San Francisco at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

The portions of the law affected by Bolton's injunction, incidentally, were sections requiring state and local law-enforcement officials to ascertain the legal status of suspected illegal immigrants; requirements that legal immigrants carry their papers at all times; and rules prohibiting undocumented immigrants from seeking work in public places, which largely applies to day laborers.

Finally, San Francisco is indubitably relevant in the Arizona immigration debate
Portions of the law taking effect today include a ban on Arizona's sanctuary cities, criminalization of hiring illegal immigrant day laborers, and punishments for employers who hire illegals.

No matter how the 9th Circuit Court rules, this is a case that seems bound for the U.S. Supreme Court. The soonest that could happen is in October, as the court is currently in recess.

In any event, San Francisco -- whose government officials stretched mightily to connect our city's plight to Arizona's -- will now be Arizona Immigration Law Central. Expect drama.

All eyes will be here, and everyone who follows the issue will find a way to praise or blame San Francisco. Just like we like it.

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