Your TransLink Card is Today a Collectible

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Today is the day when the Metropolitan Transportation Commission gets its $2.63 million worth.

Today is the day when TransLink becomes a man the Clipper card, a rebranding meant to invoke the speed and grace of the tall-masted clipper ships, not beleaguered and broken-down public transportation agencies. 


The Snitch
would rather have a bullet train than a boat associated with our commute, but we shall press on nonetheless. The refillable, BART-to-Muni-to-Ferry commuter pass isn't a bad idea, and it'll be the only idea come the fall when the paper Muni FastPasses are phased out. You may have already noticed new branding on faregates and elsewhere around town, this will continue unabated, and some folks already have Clipper cards, but today is the for-real launch of the new name -- and the new card.

Uber-blogger Akit of Akit's Complaint Department has written extensively on Clipper/TransLink, and anything we write would be lifted directly from him. We'll sum it up the best we can -- TransLink's software was written by a competitor to the software firm which wrote BART's smart-card software, leading to foul-ups, delays, and the like. BART's firm bought out the other firm, meaning the foul-ups will hopefully dissipate, but the buy-out also necessitated new sensors on faregates and ergo a new card.

The new card will be fast. Did we mention fast? The Clipper card is indeed intended to evoke speed and quickness, not delays or breakdowns. This is why MTC officials are hosting a press event -- complete with MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT -- at the Hyde Street Pier at 11 a.m. today. Naval discipline will not be observed, though The Snitch recommends you arrive early lest you be flogged.

Take a cab if necessary.

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