Vote To Fund Desperate San Francisco Schools' ... Field Trips?

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Three San Francisco schools are competing for Big Lots Lots! To Give contest for up to $10,000 to make their educational dreams come true. You can view the trio of videos outlining their projects and vote three times a day until July 5. Yet, in a time of massive state cutbacks, two out of the three San Francisco projects are arguably a little, um, how to put this -- frivolous? But let the voters decide:


Fairmount Elementary School: That's the school tucked on Chenery Street in Glen Park with a big mural of a rather constipated-looking Cesar Chavez. They want computers. Currently they only have 21 computers for 366 students. This we is a mission we can get behind (no Chavez-related pun intended). Their video starts with regrettable piano music that oozes cheese worthy of a Hallmark commercial before a teacher says, "What I see are children who are happy: I see them skipping, I see them eating lunch, I see them interacting in spite of budget cuts." (No, no, no! You're trying to show that the kids need the money, not that they are happy without it!) But then they go for the heartstrings: Teachers bemoan that they only have three computers for 25 students, and how the Internet "goes in and out."
Grade: A- (Minus for the music.)


Next in line is Mission High School. While boasting one of the more stunning and historic schoolhouses in the country, the Mission District high school's football field is sorely lacking. In their video, kids and coaches talk about how they'd like a bigger field so they could have home games, or as one football player announced: "We need turf. ... It got like bald spots in the field, like they need to grow some more grass or sumpin'." His friend then corrected him: "Turf, you don't need to grow nothin', it's fake."

Grade: B- (B for humor, but we doubt a football field is going to stand up to the cute kids who want computers.)


Then there's MLK, Jr. Middle School: Well, we give the Portola District school credit for passing on cheesy Muzak for some blues as the words "Please help us see the wonders all around us" scroll by. But it seems the school let the kids decide what their pitch would be because - surprise, surprise -- they just want a vacation. (They prefer the word "field trip.") A kid named Calvin wants to go to the Marin Headlands because "I like camping." Mr. Boyd wants to go to Alcatraz. A silent kid wants to go to Fisherman's Wharf (he holds up a sign to express this). Ms. Doyle wants to go to the MOMA becuase "I love modern art."
Grade: C (Sorry, this plan isn't going anywhere.)

Anyways, check out the videos for yourself and start voting. Also, local Big Lots stores are collecting donations for the schools. Heaven knows, San Francisco schools can use all the help they can get. 

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