Supreme Court Won't Hear Challege to Healthy San Francisco

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning delivered a major victory for gun ownership rights -- and also denied to hear a challenge to San Francisco's universal health care plan. So if you're uninsured and shot within city limits, this is your lucky day.

The city has to be feeling pretty good about today's ruling...
The city's Golden Gate Restaurant Association had taken an appeals court ruling all the way to the highest court in the land after the lower court ruled that it's not illegal for the city to mandate employers pay toward the Healthy San Francisco plan or give their workers health coverage.

The GGRA had claimed that requiring employer contributions violated the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. The city had offered to alter the structure of the plan in return for the restaurant association dropping the lawsuit, but that gesture was spurned last year.

Now the bargaining landscape has changed -- and the 53,000 people enrolled in Healthy S.F. can breathe easy for now.

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