Supervisor Bevan Dufty Listed as 'Devan Bufty' On Swank Mailer

'Dufty Beaver' and daughter
SF Weekly was honored to recently receive a hand-signed invitation to a big-time charity fund-raiser. It was an event in which you could hardly fling a bottle of '96 Pommard off the balcony without bloodying up a scalp or two of those the Chronicle deems "Swells."

A number of state, federal, and local elected officials were listed as "honorary chairs." Most of these names were spelled correctly. But it was impossible to not notice that Supervisor Bevan Dufty's name had been spoonerized to read "Devan Bufty." The hand-signed invitation, incidentally, was also hand-corrected.

Informed of the foul-up, the ever-affable Dufty did what you'd expect. He laughed it off. After all, this is nowhere near as bad as the worst misspelling of his name yet.

D'oh, Dufty!
"When I worked for Shirley Chisholm, I got a letter from the Ford White House," he recalls. "It was addressed to 'Dufty Beaver.' I swore I'd never lose that letter, yet I lost it."

No word on whether Gerry Ford had bumped his head before sending that one out.

As far as misspellings go, Dufty continued, his Irish relatives' names were misspelled when they arrived in America. His ancestors in County Wicklow were called "Duffy."

So when Dufty is stumping for mayor, he asks potential voters to do as little spelling as possible: "I say 'Bevan for Mayor.' Keep it simple."

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