Supe Puts Self in Bind Over Gaza Flotilla

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The Board of Supervisors is known for voicing its opinion via nonbinding resolution, a common and longstanding practice for praising and condemning that which goes on far beyond the pale of San Francisco.

This is generally panned by most as a waste of time, but not when the Jews are involved, as they are tomorrow with a resolution on the flotilla raid.

Then it's on, bitch.

"I probably lost my political future on this one," said Supervisor John Avalos in deadpan comments to SF Weekly.

Last week, Avalos introduced just such a nonbinding resolution calling on Israel to atone for its commando-style raid on a flotilla heading to Gaza. And far from being the politically-correct worldliness du jour, Avalos's resolution was shunned by his colleagues: only Supervisor Sophie Maxwell signed on as a co-sponsor, and a host of influential groups have called on the Board to abandon the resolution, which "will embolden the radical elements in Hamas," according to a press release from the Jewish Community Relations Council.

"It creates a hostile environment for the Jewish community in San Francisco," the JCRC says, "because it unfairly targets the Jewish State."

Whether or not activists aboard the ships in the Gaza Flotilla had blood on their minds or whether or not Israeli commandos had the right to descend upon the ships under the cover of darkness would seem to matter very little to a San Francisco legislator, and all the more so when speaking out against same would raise the cackles of locals, probably needlessly.
Yet Avalos is sticking to his guns. And across the Bay, a similar resolution in Richmond is supported by that city's vice mayor, who is himself Jewish.

Can a resolution like this sink a supe? Probably not, as it's hard to think of any hard-right Zionist interests Avalos needs to placate in order to stay in power. But why bother? Avalos just says it's the right thing to do.

"It's politically challenging to get embroiled in issues that concern the JCRC, AIPAC, and the ADL," Avalos said, "But why get involved? Silence only serves the status quo. And the status quo is a road to ruin."

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