Shit to Shore: Treasure Island Hangar New Digs for Displaced Ex-Cons Burned Out of TL

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Last week's fire at a transitional housing complex displaced 160 recently released inmates of the penal system, who had been living in semifreedom close to temptation at Turk and Taylor streets in the Tenderloin.

Some went home; others were shuttled to a city-owned gym on Sixth Street, hardly an improvement for people looking to turn their lives around. Those fine folks are finally off of Skid Row, and how -- they're now living in an airplane hangar on Treasure Island, Bay City News reported today.
More than 200 people had been living at the Taylor Street Center at 111 Taylor -- just a stone's throw away from The Snitch favorite 21 Club -- when last Thursday's three-alarm fire broke out, according to a spokesman for Cornell Companies, which is in the transitional housing business.

About 60 were rehoused in the Gene Friend Recreation Center, but the city requested the center back today, according to the Red Cross. The city has plenty of open space nobody needs on Treasure Island, hence the shuttling of folks there.

In addition to being far from the trappings of Sixth Street and the TL, Treasure Island is also far from everything else: grocery stores, restaurants, parks,  liquor stores, and nearly anything other than housing and some workshops for the Job Corps. There are some supportive services on the island; exactly how much of those the new hangar residents will be able to access is unclear.

That's a lot of Muni rides on the 108 -- or, rather, a lot of waiting for the 108 -- if they need to make appointments back on the mainland.

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