Kamala Harris' Alleged Stalker Pens Epic 44-Page 'Press Release'

It came in a manilla envelope with three American flag stamps, entitled "Important Pre-Election Press Release." Return address: David Bavineau (ecstatic), County Jail 4, 850 Bryant St.

Over at SF Weekly, we tore the thick envelope open with no small amount of anticipation. Bavineau, as some may recall, is the man accused of making threats to the life of San Francisco District Attorney and the recent democratic nominee for Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris.

In a series of messages Bavineau left at Harris's campaign office on Feb. 11, he made his intentions fairly clear. "I am definitely killing your mother-fucking ass so fucking much," he told her. "You better watch your fucking step, fucking with some fucking Americans...I definitely need you dead and nothing can talk me out of it," he said. "I will spend $60 million to get it done."
The press release, which included the cryptic headline, "Don't Devo My Evo," didn't immediately address Bavineau's apparent issues with Harris. Instead, it began: "David Bavineau is running for U.S. Senate 2016 for California as a Bavinican/Republican. David is the true inventer of the Internet, the chip, the Evo, cellular phone technologies, auto technologies."

"He has been human trafficked his whole life," it said, "to awaken at age 38 and a half to the realities of being the first true real owner of Google, and most of Apple Computers, and technologies from Toyota, U Verse, Smart Phone, HTC, and others."

Despite what people might think, a number of movies including Good Will Hunting, Dumb and Dumber, The Shining, and The Sound of Music, are actually about Bavineau, the release says. It concludes by explaining why the press release has been issued.

Among other things, Bavineau wants publicity, book deals, to become a great leader for California and the world, and to be friends with SF Weekly (We are sort of touched), he writes.

Oh yeah, and he also wants to take down a few "criminal" politicians, including "Kamala Harris, Gavin Newsome, Diane Fienstein, Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, and Arnold Schwarzenegger." Why? "To get California better leaders, like me."

Following that statement of purpose is Bavineau's 42-page life story. If anybody is interested in reading that, then letting us know what's in it, we're happy to send you a copy. 

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Hi. My name is David Bavineau. I am the person the above article is about. I did loose my mind. After receiving medication I returned to sanity. However I am not guilty of threatening Kamala D. Harris nor of stalking her. I was arrested in 2006 while I was being stalked by a woman. I went to the police and got no help. The woman pursued me in a relationship thru a dating site and I was not interested. She contacted me again and asked again. I said I was not interested in dating. She wanted to be business friends. I wanted references so I agreed to look at her work. I ended up taking a large job on Market St. that she was managing. To make a long story short she did not get her way with me and started to steal many belongings of mine while I worked in the same building. Then her and the client who knew each other for many years disappeared at the same exact time my truck was broken into and my brief case with documents was stolen. They had said they were going to be at a restaurant 75 feet away to several of us but were not there and did not call to cancell which would have been seen as very uncharacteristic. Her and her attorney created a fake restraining order that was eventually thrown out by the courts because it was not registered nor certified by the courts. I did not stalk anyone. I simply had my first, in my life time, mental break caused by being a stalking victim. I was new to the city and very scared of what I discovered was going on. there was a recent story of a Contractor and a bank employee  that were murdered in San Francisco by a Russian family. I happened to be in contract with a Russian family that I now knew was stealing from me. I very much disagree with the charges and arrests. These people cannot even see that the psychological break came from being stalked. I am a stalking victim and I have never committed a crime. If you look at the evidence in this article and others, if you see everything I said in context you can prove that I did not commit a crime as I did not make a threat of killing I stated that I was getting her on the death penalty legally thru the criminal justice system. Thats not against the law. I may have been crazy but I did not break the law. Kamala D. Harris is as quilty of stalking as the victim and her attorney in the first case because they are smart enough to know I am a victim trying to psychologically recover from an attack and they still have rail roaded my life with no evidence of a crime and no acknowledge ment of thier crimes against me and that the victim lied on the stand profusely, that she is a sado-masocist. That she contacted me almost everyday for several months and stopped all contact after I asked for payment. They stole 40,000. This is what happens to a male stalking victim in San Francisco because of the sexist, classist, perverted views of these D.A.'s They are very unprofessional and do not understand what a stalker is. They literally waltzed a stalker right thru thier system and got her paid another 15k making her total theft 55,000. never mind all the tools and belongings her attorney stole from my commercial building while I was in jail, and the money he extorted from a friend of mine tending to my affairs. Kamala D. Harris and Mike Sullivan are stalkers and corrupt business persons who were able to let a stalker walk wight thru thier system because they are exactly like them. They are criminals that use manipulation to get what they want. they all belong in jail. Point in case there is a man stalking me right now. they know about it and have done nothing. The man owned a motorcyle parked behind my truck one night. I did not see the bike as it was right against my tailgate. It was parked illegally. He was very angry with me and did not win the case, but has chosen to lie about me on line a lot. He has created 4 websites to slander me. 4 websites takes aq lot of time and money. He poses as me as a criminal, as a thief, even as a she/male. It has been going on for 4 years and he wont take it down. Mike Sullivan knows he is stalking me and has done not one thing to stop the abuse. So I am supposed to think this guy Mike Sullivan does not have some personal prejudices against me. People have killed people and done far less time than I have. He has been extrordinarily abusive towards me as has his previpous boss. These are just silly trust funded kids that don't know how to handle responsibility and are entrusted with too much. Foolish cases while a real group of business criminal stalkers are still free victimizing other human beings.


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