SF Chronicle To Launch Marijuana Advertising Section Today

More of both, please
Pot is big money, so big that the phrase "marijuana industry" is a legitimate mainstream term. It's no surprise, then, that mainstream media would want a piece of the cannabis cookie.

The San Francisco Chronicle already runs newspaper ads from cannabis dispensaries, but will dive headlong into the pot trade beginning today with the debut of a new ad section dedicated to marijuana-related businesses and the lucrative ad trade therein, The Snitch has learned.
The section is called Herbal Cure Corner, according to a sales pitch from an ad rep obtained by The Snitch. Today is the day Herbal Cure Corner is scheduled to go live online as well as in the newspaper.

Beyond that, not much is known until we see the damn thing. Though The Snitch must note that the Chronicle has at least for a day succeeded in getting us to buy the paper.

Calls to one of the ad reps who contacted city dispensaries hawking ads for the section were not immediately returned.

That the Hearst-owned Chronicle would get into the weed business raises the cackles of cannabis and hemp activists; numerous theories lay some of the blame for the nation's anti-marijuana laws at the feet of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (who, in all fairness, owned the San Francisco Examiner at the time).

The new section was news to Steve Proctor, the Chron's managing editor. "This wasn't an editorial initiative," he wrote via e-mail. But as those of us who work in media will ask: Are they ever?

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