Seriously?? Two More Vehicles Torched Last Night

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Twice last night
When fans jump onto the fields of play during baseball games, television crews typically point their cameras towards the sky, scoreboard or something anything else. This is done to discourage future knuckleheads -- who realize they won't get any media attention -- from participating in the same behavior.

We're only mentioning this because this is the third time this week we're telling you about vehicle fires in San Francisco. After one car each on Tuesday and Wednesday nights were immolated, TWO cars were served en flambe early Friday morning, according to police.

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SFPD responded to the first carbecue at 2:05 a.m., after a 58-year old woman heard an explosion outside her home in the OMI (that's Oceanview-Merced Heights-Ingleside to you, hipster) neighborhood.

She peeked outside, saw a vehicle hauling butt down the unit block of Sargent Street... and then saw her car on fire, according to police. SFPD have made no arrests and have no suspects, police said.

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Less than an hour later, a motorist was cruising down the 1000 block of Yosemite Avenue -- because who doesn't cruise down spooky, ill-lit industrial streets in the city's southeastern sector at 3 a.m. -- and saw another car on fire.

Officers attempted to contact the owner of the torched car with no success as of yet (we wouldn't take that car either, to be fair). No arrests were made, SFPD said. And just so nobody is afraid of spontaneous combustion, arson is suspected in all three incidents, according to SFPD.

We'll update when we speak to some law enforcement officials, but that's four cars in three nights. Time to rent a garage.

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