San Francisco Crime Mapped as Elevation: A Mountain of Prostitution

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Mountains of drugs. No, really.
Local creative dude Doug McCune has committed a crime against topography -- literally. The author of Adobe Flex 3.0 For Dummies has interpolated last year's city crime statistics, by category, with a map of San Francisco. The effect is both fascinating and educational: In short, if a spot on McCune's crime-topographic map would be hard to bike, it'd be easy to fall victim there. Take a gander:

Doug McCune
Prostitution doesn't so much have mountains but monoliths.

Doug McCune
Narcotics crime -- or Rio de Janeiro?

You can visit McCune's website to see how larceny, assault, vandalism, warrants, vehicle theft, and robbery map out. And you thought San Francisco was hilly in the real world. 

H/T   |   Flowing Data, Gawker

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