Prop. 8 Cast Goes to Court ... And Gets Celebrity Doppelgangers

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that cameras would not be permitted to film Perry v. Schwarzenegger,  directors John Ireland and John Ainsworth, along with a band of volunteer actors, decided to reenact the entire Prop. 8 trial and post the results to Youtube. Until today, the actors relied on secondhand information to capture the spirit of the trial. This morning marked the group's first trip to the courtroom to see the closing arguments.

"To be in the courtroom today was remarkable," Ireland said. "We're going to start filming on Friday, edit on Saturday, and have it up by Sunday. It could be a more informed performance, because the actors were there to witness everything."

One modification will include revisiting Chief Judge Vaughn Walker's pronunciation. "He says 'defend-ANT,'" Ireland said, laughing.

The actors are SAG members who have filmed 55 hours of usable footage so far in exchange for not much more than water and fruit snacks. By Sunday, the count will be up to 60 hours.

Though the directors did a commendable job finding willing and able actors -- some of whom have had recognizable roles  -- we at The Snitch couldn't help but wonder who would have been cast if the directors had the full financial backing of  liberal Hollywood. Their pick of the celebrity litter might have looked more like this:


Chief Judge Vaughn Walker, played by Ray Walston of Fast Times at Ridgemont High fame


Attorney Vincent McCarthy, played by Rainn Wilson from The Office


Attorney Terry Thompson, played by music mogul Clive Davis. Bonus: A motion picture soundtrack featuring Adam Lambert.

bill o riley.JPG

Attorney David Boies, portrayed by an ever-so-willing Bill O'Reilly


Arnold Schwarzenegger, played by The Governator himself

You can see the real cast here.

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