Pets Still Can Be Sold at Pet Stores... For Now

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In a city where plastic bags are semi-illegal, is a ban on selling cats, dogs and other mammals at pet stores so outrageous?

Well, maybe, which is why the city's Animal Commission put off a final decision on just such a ban on Thursday night (Bay City News, via SF Appeal).

The ban is the brainchild of Philip Gerrie of the city's Commission of Animal Control & Welfare. The ban would "discourage excessive animal breeding and minimize the number of animals euthanized in city animal shelters," he said.

As happens with any city animal debate, two sides quickly formed, and began hating each other: on the one, representatives from stores like PETCO who preached caution and compromise; on the other, folks who recommended extending the ban to all kinds of God's creatures.

That's a bit off base, according to Gerrie. The whole point was to put an end to the sale of young dogs bred at something called "puppy mills." Puppy mills aren't quite like steel mills or windmills, but are suffice to say awful.

After a two-hour hearing, the seven-member commission kicked any decision down the road to its July 8th meeting.
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