No Murder Charges for Alleged Pink Saturday Shooter Ed Perkins

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The San Francisco District Attorney's office moments ago sent out a press release stridently announcing that alleged Pink Saturday shooter Ed Perkins, arrested by police for the alleged murder of Stephen Powell, will be hit with weapons charges.

Left unsaid -- but easily inferred -- is that Perkins will not be facing murder charges. Bluntly, whomever shot Powell and two others during Saturday's Gay Pride events is still on the loose. The DA's office noted that the police have determined that none of the seven bullets recovered from Saturday's barrage of gunfire matched the .357 caliber revolver found in Perkins' possession -- and no witnesses could place him on the scene of the shooting. 

The 21-year-old Perkins -- still being held without bail -- will be charged with one count of possessing a concealed weapon and one count of possessing a loaded weapon. It was loaded, it seems, because it was not fired. Retrospectively, even the term "shooter" doesn't fit Perkins. He's the guy who allegedly toted an illegal, loaded pistol during Pink Saturday's bloody melee.

Powell, a 19-year-old former prep basketball prodigy, was the city's 25th homicide victim of the year. The police investigation into his murder continues.

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