Kamala Harris Takes A Stand on Internet Pedophiles, Coddles Pedophile Catholic Priests

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As long as the pedophile is online, Kamala Harris is there to protect you
Matt Smith's column this week revealed how District Attorney Kamala Harris is essentially protecting Catholic pedophiles in her refusal to turn over the San Francisco Archdiocese files on clergy abuse. Oddly, she's also come out today with a campaign ad calling for stronger safeguards against online child predators.

Did we miss something? Are online predators somehow worse than flesh-and-blood ones with Roman collars operating within the church? Or is Harris only concerned with combating pedophilia when it's convenient?

Here's the deal with how she's protecting Catholic pedophiles: The Archdiocese files Smith requested to review are in the possession of the D.A.'s office and contain details of how the church dealt internally with alleged pedophile priests going back as far as 80 years.

Those files would be of public interest now because Cardinal William Levada -- who recently became a top Vatican official -- was until 2005 archbishop of San Francisco. Here, Levada is known as "a key architect of the church's practice of keeping abuse allegations secret, protecting abusive priests, and punishing church whistleblowers," Smith wrote in his column.

Rather than allow those files to go public, Harris has hidden behind her apparent duties not to release records that might undermine an investigation (in this case, the investigation has been long closed), expose victims to publicity they don't want (it's called redaction), or unfairly malign the innocent (uh huh). 

Point is, the public is better served, and pedophiles and their protectors may be more accountable, if those files are released. But rather than expose actual pedophiles and their protectors, Harris has said she'll take steps to ensure other people hold aspiring sex offenders accountable.
"As Attorney General, I'll target online sex offenders and set safety standards for social networking sites, like Facebook, because right now, they're just not safe." she says in her new ad."We need to get smart on crime."

Smart only gets you so far, Kamala.

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