Judgement Day for Apartments Crumbling into the Sea

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Going, going....
The owners of a Pacifica apartment block built precariously over the ocean -- and currently in the process of falling into the ocean -- must decide today their property's final resting place.

Spoiler alert: they DO NOT want it to be the Pacific Ocean.

Can this be saved?

Today is the deadline for the owners of 320 and 330 Esplanade Ave. to say exactly how they plan to fix their apartments. If they owners don't wish to fix, the apartments, both evacuated since January, must be demolished, according to Pacifica building official Doug Rider said.

A big chunk of concrete fell from 330 Esplanade Ave over the weekend, Rider said, meaning a patio there is even closer to falling into the sea than it was six months ago. The buildings' owners both indicate they want to repair rather than destroy their properties, though they haven't yet submitted plans saying how they plan to do so. They could also apply for 30-day extensions to cook up some scheme, providing the cliff cooperates and doesn't deteriorate further.

The Snitch knows few landlords who would willingly reduce their properties to rubble; The Snitch knows fewer renters who would willingly put their IKEA bedroom set at the mercy of Mother Nature.

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